The Best Welder Boots – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide of 2018

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How To Buy The Best Welding Boots For Your Needs

When spending money on equipment, the considerations on the front of our minds are often about tools and materials.

Getting a high quality welder is important, but protective gear can be just as important! High quality welding boots are one of the most important purchases a welder can make.

If you spend a lot of time welding, read on to find out how important it is to get quality footwear, and get some tips on how to choose the right kind of boot.

That’s exactly why we wrote this article, in order to help you get a new pair of welding boots that will keep you safe and comfortable.

At the end of the article, we will also recommend 3 pairs of boots that are perfect for welding.

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The Right Pair of Boots Can Save Your Foot!

In the workplace, a huge percentage of serious injuries and deaths are attributed to low quality footwear.

Having sturdy, comfortable, and safe boots is extremely important for all construction workers and craftsmen, especially for welders.

Slipping around hot metal and welding equipment is an easy way to become seriously injured.

Boots also need to be able to stand up to sparks and heat well to stand up to the daily onslaught that welding subjects them to. If you are a welder, choosing the right pair of boots is one of your most important decisions.


The Ultimate Welding Boots – What To Look For?

Protecting Your Toes

The first thing to look at in a work boot is toe protection.

In any construction environment, a protective cap over the toe (steel toe) is essential, because there is always a risk of dropping something heavy onto your foot, and trust us, that can hurt!

Most workers go straight for steel toed boots, because they are compact and less expensive than the alternatives.

There are also Aluminum toe boots, and kevlar ones.

However, we recommend the steel toe ones as they are the strongest and most durable, they are also, like we mentioned earlier, the cheapest.


Metatarsal Guards Are Important

Metatarsal guards are another extremely important consideration for welding.

These guards pull up over the upper foot, providing extended protection.

These are great for protecting not only your feet, but also the boots themselves from sparks and embers.

For a welder, this can translate to a much longer lifespan for a pair of boots, since the lace area will not be constantly eaten away.

Metatarsal guards are an essential feature of any welding boots because they will absolutely pay for themselves over the life of the boots.


The Right Sole Will Prevent a Slip and Fall 

The next big consideration to make when checking out a pair of welding boots is the sole. The sole is one of the most important aspects of any work boot, because it is the major component responsible for safety.

Slips and falls in the workplace account for a huge percentage of workplace accidents, and having a non-slip sole will help you to avoid being part of this statistic.

Boots with soles made of high quality rubber or TPU (which stands for Thermo Poly Urethane). These materials are designed to stand up to demanding environments and be exceptionally safe.

Make sure the sole is treated to be oil resistant and non-slip.

The best soles can allow you to keep your footing even on sheer ice or an oil slick, which could save your life.

Combine high quality materials with a strong, deep tread pattern for maximum safety.


Comfortability is ESSENTIAL 

After you have confirmed all of the necessary safety measures are present, it is very important to choose a boot that is comfortable to wear.

Working in uncomfortable boots for weeks will take a toll on your feet, and may even lead to long term injury.

Choosing boots that feel natural and easy to wear is absolutely essential for safety as well as quality of life. Skipping out on comfort to save money is not an option when it comes to work boots.

A big part of finding comfortable boots is sizing them correctly.

Remember that boots with protective toes can not stretch to fit your foot like ordinary leather shoes.

You must have room to move your toes comfortably, without feeling squeezed or constrained.

If a boot feels too snug, try out wide widths as well as larger sizes to find the best possible fit.


Our Picks – The Three Best Welder Shoes of 2018 

KEEN Utility Men’s MT Vernon Met Waterproof


boots 1


These are our absolute favorite boots for welding.

KEEN is a well-known, USA based brand and our one of our favorites in the field. The MT Vernon boots are extremely comfortable, and will protect your feet.


  • Steel & Aliminum assymetrical safety toes –  especially designed for a more comfortable, roomier ‘toe box’.
  • Anti Slip and Fall Sole – tested to prevent slip and fall even in oil and extremely slippery materials.
  • Extra Protection – built with wide metatarsal guards, that protects your foot from sparks and extreme heat.
  • Breathable Material  – the boot is built with a special technology and materials, that make them waterproof, yet let vapors out to keep your feet ventilated.
  • MADE IN USA last but not least, they are American made, straight out of Portland, OR.

Definitely our favorite pair, customer reviews are great and welders absolutely love them!

To order your pair and check the latest price, click the button below.


working boots



Timberland PRO Men’s 40000 Met Guard 6′ Steel Toe Boot


Number two on the list comes from the popular, worldwide brand, Timberland. Timberland has a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to work wear.

Features :

Lightweight – these are probably the lightest boots out there, you barely feel them in comparison to other heavy ones.

Made with Real Leather – they are made out of leather and will last you for a long time. Also, the leather protects your foot and is perfect for welding and construction jobs.

Slip resistant sole – made with ridged rubber, to keep you from falling, and also protect you from electrical hazards.

These are simply great. They are light, yet provide everything your feet need.

Customers have mentioned they are EXTREMELY comfortable, even if you work 12 hour days. That’s great news for hard-working men, like you!

To check availability and price, click the button below.


working boots2



Dr. Martens Men’s Ironbridge MG ST Steel-Toe Met Guard Boot

boots dr martens

Last, bot definitely not least, are the Dr. Martens Boots. What we love about these is their guard. Especially if you drill and weld a lot, it will protect your feet from little metal pieces as it seals the boot completely. Also, in our opinion, these are the most beautiful boots on our list.

Not that its critical, unless you’re trying to get a hot date when you’re off.


  • 100% leather  – these are made to last!
  • Synthetic, slip resistance sole – anti slip protection that keeps your from slipping.
  • Comfortable, smartmask insole – this is a brilliant feature, the insole is removable so you can take it on and off, to make sure you’re comfortable at all times. If you stand long hours and your feet get swollen, you will love that feature.


We absolutely recommend these Dr. Martens, especially if you drill a lot. The extra protection from the guard can save you a lot of pain.

To check the price and availability, click the button below.


working boots2



The Bottom Line

We hope this post helped you find the best welder boots for your specific needs and wants.

Getting the right work boot for welding is extremely important.

If you find the right boots, they will last years of comfortable and safe working, so put in the extra effort. Once you find boots that are just right, it will pay off again and again.

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