Forney Welder Reviews – Best 4 Forney Welders

forney welder review

The Best 4 Forney Welder Reviewed 2018

Forney welders offer a great choice in welders.

They deliver a quality product regardless of which welder is selected and will provide the user with hours of welding time without the need to stop and make adjustments.

In this post we will review several welders by Forney.

  1. Forney easy weld 298 Welder
  2. Forney easy weld 299 (newer version)
  3. Forney 29901 125 FC Welder
  4. Forney welder 318 Welder


The Forney Brand – 

Forney Industries is one of the longest operating American welders. They’re family-owned and they were founded in 1932.

As a brand, Forney is one of the most popular and trust-worthy ones.

One thing about Forney – is that they know their welders!

To anyone who isn’t familiar with a Forney welder, here are some reviews to help answer a few basic questions regarding the welder.

1.Forney 298 Easy Welder 


This 298 Arc Welder 100ST is 120 volts and 90 Amps. It ranked a 4.3 out of a possible 5 stars on the website.

With an inverter power system and the 120-volt input and 90 amp output, it was considered to be the basic welder and an ideal choice for beginners or anyone who won’t need to use a welder on a daily basis. It will get the job done.

It is TIG capable, however, this is sold separately.

It will handle up to a 1/8 inch rod. Lightweight and easy to use, it’s the ideal starter system for the welder. It works well for automotive applications and simple projects in and around the home or farm.

Committed to success, Forney believes in their products.

With a 6 month warranty after the date of purchase, users can have plenty of time to determine whether or not this is the right welder for them.

The warranty won’t cover damage due to misuse, negligence, neglect, or accidents regarding welders not being used in the manner in which they were intended.


  • This welder will get the job done.
  • It’s readily affordable for most budgets.
  • Ideal for beginners as it’s easy to use and will teach the user how to properly weld.
  • This welder is lightweight and may not be suitable for larger projects.

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2.Forney Easy Weld 299



This 125 FC welder is a Flux Core.

With 120 volts and 125 Amps, it’s a step up from the previously mentioned Forney welder. This welder rated 4 stars out of a possible 5 in the ratings.

The Forney Easy Weld is a Gasless flux core welder. It welds up to 24 gages and 1/4 inch. With a 120 volt input and a 125 output, it’s suitable as a beginner welder and will accept 2 and 10-pound spools.

It doesn’t require a gas set-up.

This is a basic, plug and plays wedding unit and it will weld up to a quarter inch and is very versatile. This welder comes with a 90-day warranty from the date of purchase.

Proof of purchase will be required should there be any issues.

Comes with a pretty good warranty that covers almost everything.


  • This welder is very affordable and ideal for beginners.
  • This welder will work well for smaller sized automotive projects and household projects.


  • This welder has a shorter warranty than most of the welders reviewed here.


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3.Forney 29901 125 FC

easy weld kitThis MIG Welder starter kit rated 4.6 out of 5 stars.

The customer ratings on this welder are amazing.

We love the add-ons that kit includes.

Made with heavy steel case and a nice finish.

It can be plugged into a regular 110 Volt wall outlet according to reviews and stats. Ideal for automotive repairs and general household repairs.

This welder is sturdy and durable and can weld pretty much anything.


  • This welder is ideal as a beginners welder and for the do-it-yourselfer.
  • You have almost everything a welder needs in this kit. (besides welding boots – if you need a pair read our review HERE!)
  • Everything is organized and has a number on it, which makes it easy to take apart.


  • This is a flux core only machine. For some, this may be a problem.


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4.Forney Welder 318


forney 318


This welder has 190 Amps and is a MIG Welder with 230 volts. It ranked 4.6 out of a possible 5 starts in user ratings.

It will weld up to 3/8 inch and has a flowmeter as well as a gas hose included in the unit.

The processes of this welder include a MIG (GAS) as well as a Flux Cored unit. It has a Euro-connect MIG gun and Tweco compatible consumables.

This welder isn’t for the faint of heart. And it can weld pretty much anything. So don’t stand in its way !

It’s a large unit and ideal for the small jobs such as automotive work as well as larger jobs in and around the home and business.

Ideal as a business welder this unit comes with everything.

As a transformer based multi-step welder this has six taps.

It’s the newest machine on the market for Forney welders and seems to be an ideal choice for both homes and businesses.

Larger than the previously mentioned welders it’s sturdier and will be durable for a long time.


  • This welder has rebates available.
  • This welder is ideal for all sized projects.
  • Extra long power cord.
  • 5-year warranty on parts and labor.
  • 3 years of full warranty on everything.
  • More expensive than other welder units.


  • The Argon/Co2 regulator is missing.
  • 90-day warranty for industrial use.


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The Bottom Line 

We hope our forney welder reviews helped you choose the ultimate welder for your specific needs.

Regardless of which welder you like, Forney stands behind their products and will back them with their warranty.

Forney has over 5000 products and stands behind their products with great warranties and customer service.

They have a huge variety of welders. Wether you’re a beginner welder, or a professional welder, Forney has a welder for you.

Some of the welders will have different warranties for different parts and components of the welding unit itself.

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