Lincoln Mp 210 Review – Best Power Mig of 2018?

lincoln 210 mp review


Lincoln Mp 210 Reviews, Tips, And Buyers Guide

The Lincoln 210MP Power MIG is one of the most popular welders in the market nowadays. In this Lincoln mp 210 review, we will help you figure out whether it will suit your welding needs.

Lincoln electric is a known brand in the welding world. They are very reputable.

The mp 210, is known to be one of the easiest mig welders to use.

It is a great choice for both beginners and experienced welders.

It is incredibly affordable. Often being available at prices that rival Miller entry-level devices, in spite of having a far more versatile feature set.

This is a MIG welder that fits into the 200A range, and that is ideal for use in the shop or in the home.

It is pitched at that home shop market, but it has most of the features that more dedicated welders would expect, and can grow with a welder as they get more experience.

It’s the kind of kit that you will pull out for the odd problem here and there – and that will be up to most tasks.

Lets dive right into the review so you can get a better idea on that welder.


Lincoln MP 210 FEATURES

Multi-Purpose Welding

The main feature is MIG welding, but this is a true multi-purpose device.

It can be used for stick welding, or you can stick the spool gun on and MIG weld aluminium, or use a scratch start TIG for a lot of TIG welding jobs, although not for high frequency. It can be used with 120V or 240V cords, and it’s a durable machine.

It does not come wiht a spool gun, but you can add one to the package for just $240.

If you have a small shop, and space is at a premium, then a multi-purpose welder like this is worth a look.

It can be used for MIG and Stick welding, and it’s got a decent amount of punch to it, so it can do the job of some of the bigger MIG welders, without eating up a huge amount of space.

Lightweight, But EXTREMLY Powerful

This welder is quite portable – weighing just 40lbs.

and it has an auto-set feature that will determine the wire amps, wire speed and voltages for you.

All you need to do is use the screen on the device to enter the welding gas mix, the diameter of the wire, and the thickness of the material that you’re welding.

The machine will pick the settings for you, but if you don’t like the voltage and speed it picks, you can change the settings yourself.

There’s a similar feature for stick welding too.

The machine will detect the available power, and then restrict itself automatically.

If you want to weld something that it can’t do on that level of power, then you won’t be able to access those higher settings unless you change the power source.

What’s more, for the most part the settings that it picks out are spot on. So you don’t have to fiddle around for ages trying to work out the right settings for yourself.

This will save you a lot of time, and a lot of wasted welding materials too.

The machine comes with a gas regulator for hard wires, and you can also use it with flux cored wire. It is rated for 6013 and 6011 rods, but not for 6010.

If you’re really stuck and need to work with 6010 then you can probably get away with it if you’re experienced, but it’s not a great idea for beginners.

You can work with 7018 as well.


Lincoln Mp210 Vs Other Welders

This multi-purpose welder fits into a category occupied by devices such as the Miller 215, as well as rivals by makers such as ESAB and Tweko, and it holds up well versus those.

This is a powerful welder, we would consider it on another level compared to the Millermatic 210 or the

Vulcan welder.

It is durable and hardwearing, and it should last for many years – if not decades.

The built-in settings are something that make the Lincoln stand out from a lot of the lower cost models that are on the market today, and are a big draw for a lot of owners.

If you’re going to allow your welder to set itself, then you need to be fairly confident that it’s going to get it right to avoid wasted materials and wasted time, and so that you don’t end up with a weld that breaks or shears when the material is put under stress.

Lincoln has done a great job with those built-in settings, and with the self-limiter for different power sources.

With these, you can use the welder confident that it’s going to be up to whatever material and whatever feed you throw at it.


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What Are Welders Saying About The Lincoln MP 210 Mig Welder?

The customer reviews on this welder are absolutely fantastic, and for a good reason.

For that kind of price, the value you’re getting is huge.

Below are some of the customer reviews we have found. click on the reviews to read more reviews.


customers love the Lincoln 210 Welder


Some complained that the arc welding leads and the power cords that come with the device feel rather short.

The good news : that the leads can be swapped out, so we’re fine with that.

It’s rare that you find something that is good for lift arc TIG Welding, stick welding, and MIG welding, but this has proven to be great for most owners.

The foot pedal can be a bit awkward to install, but once it’s in place, it is easy to use – you can stop the arc quite easily with it, and maintain gas shielding, which is useful for stainless steel.

You can fit a spool gun to this welder if you need to.

That said, some feel that it makes more sense to get a dedicated TIG welder if you want to work with aluminium.

That said, if you’re not welding aluminium regularly then this could be perfectly fine as a day to day welder.


The Bottom Line

This is a brilliant multi-purpose welder.

It is perfect for beginners since it will pick the settings for the materials for you!

You won’t have to waste a lot of time on trial and error.

Not just for beginners, but it’s good for more experienced welders too.

The lincoln mp 210 versatile welder. It will support most things and that is going to be ideal for a wide range of jobs.

If you’re  doing a lot of heavy welding jobs, then this is a great choice.

We hope our Lincoln mp 210 review was useful and helped you make up your mind!

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